An invitation to submit an idea for a MOOC

                               An Invitation :
This is an invitation to join the “May a thousand MOOCs bloom” movement to showcase the talent, expertise and wisdom of India and reach out to help educate the world.
From the Upanishad model of one- on- one teaching to educating for behavior change on the battle-field (just in time learning in the Bhagvadgita) to propounding philosophy in everyday situations (such as the Yaksha Prashna), India has a strong tradition of awakening the mind, asking questions ( the Janak Yagyavalkya Samvad) and critical thinking.

The recent interest in MOOCs, Flipped classrooms and personalization of learning allow us to use the latest technologies of Tablets and Smartphones with mobile Internet to once again re-claim our place as ‘ Jagadgurus’, teachers to the world.

When we encounter a new word, the place we often turn to ( after Google) is a dictionary. Well, as of August 2013, the Oxford Dictionaries Online defines MOOC as “a course of study made available over the Internet without charge to a very large number of people,” giving the example “anyone who decides to take a MOOC simply logs on to the website and signs up.”
MOOC which is an acronym for Massive Open Online Course became noticed about 2 years ago when Stanford University started offering Courses in collaboration with Coursera. This was quickly followed by Harvard and MIT with eDX and UK Open University and other European Institutions launching a project with Futurelearn.
As you read this MOOC is a very rapidly evolving movement in the rather tranquil space of education. But in a few years it would have a very significant transformational impact on education.

So what next?
The next step is to think of a MOOC that you would like to author/create and follow the suggestions given later to submit your MOOC proposal. For the current cycle we will accept such proposals only till 31st October 2013. Submissions received after that date, will be included in a future cycle. After evaluation, about 30 proposers will be selected to join a one day workshop at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on
Saturday, the 9th November 2013. This workshop will be absolutely free ( no hidden strings either) and it is expected that by the end of this workshop, the participants will be well on their way to be able to create a nano-MOOC { equivalent to and in lieu of a standard lecture} or a micro-MOOC { equivalent to a 3 hour/half-day workshop/training event} depending on their choice. Such MOOCs become an essential ingredient of the new pedagogy of ‘ Flipped’ or Blended Learning. After this event on the 9th November 2013, the participants should be able to complete their work and be ready to offer this MOOC to their audience /clientele, in another week or two. It maybe reasonably expected that these MOOCs could be on offer from 1st week of December 2013. There is no requirement that these be offered free and they can be fee-based if their creators so choose.

By mid-January, we will invite submissions for acknowledging some of these and the “MOOCs recognition awards 2013” will be announced alongside the 6th Planet EDUConvex which is now a regular event in Indian education on 8th February 2014. The MOOC awards, sponsored by LMP Education Trust, will be presented by an eminent Educationist

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