Business Opportunities around MOOCs

Business Opportunities around MOOCs:

The broad goals :
A: Become the Global ‘hub’ for knowledge and developments of models of education delivery with MOOCs. The domestic opportunity underwrites the entire investments in infra-structure, capacity building and promotion. The earnings from the rest of the world is a big bonus.
B: Supporting prospective MOOC creators with both new pedagogy and new technologies to be in a position to say for any learning need : ” there’s a MOOC for that”.
C: To effectively address the challenges of inclusive education as enunciated in the UN Millenium development goals and our own Right to Education Act as well as the desire to substantially increase the GER in Higher Education.

The elements of the MOOCs enabled educational eco-system are the following:
1. Platforms : would possibly become the globally dominant one. Of course the possibility of a platform developed from scratch could be there, but its widespread adoption would be a formidable challenge.
2. The MOOC Studio : A place like Ramoji Film City at Hyderabad, where the producer comes with subject matter experts, gets all resources and expertise and leaves with his MOOC.
* A half day shift (4 hours) to produce a one hour nano-MOOC
* A full-day shift (8 hours) to produce a 3 hour micro-MOOC
* A week (5 working days) to produce a 20 hour mini-MOOC
3. The MOOC Cafe: a physical place, supporting infra-structure and community to support students pursuing MOOC.
Develop models for new facilities and experiences that encourage learners to visit physical sites that are successors to present day schools and university campuses. A sort of cross between Disneyland, the Smithsonian and the British Museum.
Coursera has just announced some ‘ learning hubs’ and Bluebells International School in South Delhi is among the first one in India.
4. The Independent MOOC Educator: who is trained and certified to mentor learners on choice of courses to pursue, add value to life-long learning, curate existing MOOCs and even create few MOOCs to complete the learning requirements of his me tee/protege.
He could also help teachers and trainers to learn how to transform and package their educational and training programs to be offered as MOOCs.
5. Marketing of MOOCs: will become a specialised discipline drawing upon principles of product and services marketing throwing opportunities for another amazon like venture focussing on MOOCs.
6. Hardware providers who will provide hand-held devices, mobile Internet dongles/mi-fis, power packs and portable keyboards, writing devices , scanners and printers to support those learning with MOOCs.
7. The dominance of the ‘Anglo-centric hothouse’ of the US,Canada,UK and Australia is sometimes perceived as a new form of cultural imperialism”.
MOOCs, with their need for connectivity, online literacy and English language skills, are excluding a very large population from keeping up with the desired learning for the 2nd decade of the 21st Century.
We therefore need in India to encourage the development of MOOCs in Hindi and other regional languages
8. Learning Analytics and Big Data: Massive educational implementations monitoring learning activities of participants create ‘ Big Data’ that can be used to profile learners in ways that was not possible earlier. It is said ” if you torture data enough, it will confess”. Since all educational hand-held devices can be fitted with cameras, a huge amount of direct data on ‘ facial response’ to the engagement with learning can be captured dynamically and analysed sometimes in real time as well. This can be used to create personalised and adaptive systems to assure mastery learning for all.
9. Business and policy enablers for each of these elements or for the whole thing as a well meshed eco-system.

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