10 Tools that almost all teachers and learners of today need

In a talk that I am giving today at the India Learning Expo, one of the points that I am making is that we need to rapidly familiarise teachers and learners with new tools and skill sets. Even successful and experienced teachers need to re-learn a few things.
While this may look daunting, and the Planning Commission and bureaucrats will rush !! to make a 5 year plan from 2017 to do this with world bank or ADB support for this Rashtriya …… Abhiyan, the concerned people will learn following the method adopted by the country to use mobile phones. Every person who new how to use a feature, shared it with anyone who wanted to learn to use it.
This self-learning success, like that of Eklavya is rewarded by the CBSE banning the use of mobile phones in schools, not only by the children but by the teachers and Principal as well.

So we will all learn this by forming learning communities and move on, while CBSE and others will continue doing ‘ stone age’ education.

I am listing below some 10 almost essential tools for the learners and teachers of today.

Of course they have to be used for teaching-learning purposes in the learning cohort, and good alternatives to every item listed below exist. Take your pick but keep learning.

1.Using gmail
2.Using Evernote
3.Using KeyNote
4.Using Twitter
5.Using WordPress
6.Using Youtube
7.Using DropBox
8.Curating content: Pinterest
9. Using Skype
10. Creating Infographics: infogr.am

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