Resources on the Flipped Classroom:

There has been a lot of interest in the Flipped Classroom, and while its essential idea is fairly simple many readers would want to know more about this model and its implementation in various contexts. A few resources for learning more about the flipped classroom are listed below:
1. Probably the first book on the subject by Jon Bergman and Aaron Sams:link to amazon.com; but also available from flipkart 2. Another book on the subject: Flipping 2.0 by Jason Bretzmann, also available from Amazon :
3. A very useful link to several resources :
4. Seven things that you should know about the flipped classroom is a very useful report by Educause :
5. Here is a Pinterest board created by Erin Klein on the flipped classroom :
6. Wikipedia article on flipped teaching :
7. One world Schoolhouse by Salman Khan: available at
8. Youtube videos on flipped classroom :

9. Cornell University presentation on flipped classroom :

10. Oakland presentation on flipped classroom:

11. Flipping the classroom powerpoints:

12. Flipping :*DRHYZJ4NKwZhCqD*uOFk9458e8Wg1yY3w/flippedclassroom.ppt

13. Flipped classroom resources site :

14. Must read resources (13) on the flipped classroom :

15. Steps and resources for flipped classroom :

16. Will you flip for flipped teaching :

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