Didn’t Get into IIT? Rejoice!!! : Program Detailed Flow

Flow of the program:

Part 1: Get: Act 1: Overture
1. Getting over the disappointment:
2. Successful people who were rejected early on.
3. Why getting into IIT is a good thing?
4. Why getting into IIT isn’t such a good thing?
5. Why not getting into IIT is a better thing?
6. Know yourself a little more!

Part 2: Set: Act 2: Crescendo
7. The IIT—JEE is just a test. Nothing more.
8. Engineering belongs to the past. Other job displacements that are occurring. The future is about innovation, thinking, tinkering and making
9. A of lesser known new career opportunities ( Data Scientist, Image Consultant, Bio-informatics, careers in 3D Printing, Fraud Examiner…….):
10. Prospering, Flourishing and Thriving in the emerging ‘new’ Economy. The paradigm shifts and phase changes in present times.The Soul of a ‘ great’ education: What Harvard, Princeton and others think?
11.Take charge of your life, and custom design your
own education. A step by step guide to personalised career planning for leadership and success. Do It Yourself Curriculum and Designer Qualifications.
12. A call to Entrepreneurship

Part 3: Go : Act 3: Finale
13. Educational Opportunities abroad
14. MOOCs to Fulfil your educational ambitions
15. Accredited online learning to acquire Qualifications
16. Developing ‘ learning power’ and ‘ Computational Thinking’.
17. Attributes and skills for success: becoming a self-directed life-long learner, 21st Century thinker, risk taker and capable of dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty.
18. The call to action: next steps. Design your own track. Get, set go, and start running. Find suitable mentoring and support programs.

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