Didn’t Get into IIT? Rejoice !!!

Didn’t get into IIT? Rejoice!!!

I have been connected with the IIT system in many ways. My Ph.D. Work in Computational Physics was done at the University of Roorkee, which is renamed IIT Roorkee. I was a faculty member at IIT Kanpur for about 10 years from 1970 to 1980, after a stint at University of Western Ontario Canada and several Institutions in Europe. Then I was a member of the Board of Management at IIT Delhi for a period of 6 years. Obviously I have a very high opinion of the IIT system.
But once when I was a member of an expert selection committee at a prestigious Organization, I saw an IIT alumnus responding rather poorly to the questions asked to him. I murmured my disappointment, when a fellow expert member of the panel said to me. ” Doing well on one exam in the first week of May of a certain year” does not extrapolate to a lifetime of excellence.
That event a decade or earlier set me thinking, and then tracking the new developments in educational technology and pedagogy, it became clear that the “>90%” who are rejected by the IIT filtration system have all the potential of doing as well as those graduating from the IIT.
And Satya who recently became the CEO of Microsoft is a shining example.
Many opportunities exist for preparing to enter the IIT system, and parents sometimes spend a fortune in this coaching and allied costs. I do not wish to comment on that.
But what I did notice was that there is nothing to guide the ones ‘ who have been left behind’ other than to choose between a plethora of second rate second opportunities.

So I designed a set of programs to foster the possibilities of such persons having ‘ first class careers’ as their second choice.

The ” Didn’t Get into IIT? Rejoice !!!” is the first in the series. The 3 exclamation marks are to represent 3 cheers.
For more details on Registration process and Fee, send a mail to askdrpant@gmail.com

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