Learner Disposition

Most people tend to take the formal academic credentials to the most important part of their education and often the be all and end all of their educational pursuits
While academic credentials are important, perhaps critical, they represent the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’ for success.
Having read through many reports and books and articles, I have tried to put these in one page and list them belw.
For those who are familiar with the traditional Indian horoscope, it is easy to imagine a mapping to the 12 houses in the horoscope.

The 12 elements of the learner disposition portfolio :
1. The element ( as proposed by Ken Robinson, where aptitude meets passion)
2. Creativity and Innovation
3. Social Skills/competencies : Leadership
4. Multiple Intelligence
5. English language Skills/competence
6. Communication Skills
7. Character : Grit, Perseverence, deferred gratification, empathy, optimism and a sense of gratitude.
8. Emotional Quotient
9. Academic Qualifications and Credentials
10. Learning to Learn : autonomous self-directed learner
11. Abstract, Scientific, Mathematical and Computational Thinking
12. Financial Acumen and Entrepreneurial Spirit

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