nano-self-learning expeditions for UoM students

Create 10 teams : of about 5 members each
10 topics to pursue nao-self-learning expeditions
Each team presentation to be in about 6 minutes of about 10 slides or speaking from a set of notes. there will be 3 minutes for Q&A from the audience. So each team gets about 9 minutes for their presentation.
Total time taken will be about 100 minutes.

This is an experiment based upon Feynman’s advice that if you want to learn something then plan to teach that thing. This is often called the pedagogy of ‘ learning by teaching’.

Below are a few suggested topics. We are happy to include a few more from students to make a larger pool from which the 10 teams can choose one each.

1: Driver less cars: potential & implications
2: Drones :potential & implications
3: Multi-purpose robots:potential & implications
4: High order machine intelligence such as Watson:potential & implicationsq
5: Ubiquitous access to SuperComputers: implications
6: Improving Farming with sensors and networking: possibilities
7: Smart Cities: how can existing cities be transformed to Smart Cities?
8: How can future technologies help Diabetic ( other life-style diseases) patients?
9: Delivering Learning on Mobile Devices.
10: Acquiring the learning in an MBA program from MOOCs and OERs
11: How the world of Apps can transform Education ?
12: Enhancing Conversational Capital : why would people talk about you/ your company?
13: How will emerging technologies transform the hotel industry?
14: Blue Ocean Strategy
15: Launching a new religion for the CIIDD world.
16: Use of Infographics in business communications/ presentations.

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