Some thoughts for AIMA event on 31st March 2015

Management Education: Design and Structure- The Way Ahead

Summarised as 3 key statements and 5 bulleted points for each. This is supplemented by some links to other readings.

1: The world is changing:
* Abundance: the future is better than you think by Peter H Diamandis and Steven Kotler
* The Internet of things
* 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing
* General purpose Robots and Drones
* Very rapidly advancing machine intelligence

2: All education including management education therefore has to prepare itself for a CIIDD world
* Complex
* Innovation Intensive: Minimum Viable Innovation Systems
* Data Driven ( actually Big Data Driven)
* Computational Thinking for Business Leaders
* Coding Skills for all Professional Managers

3: Traditional degrees have to give way to new ways of micro-credentialing , the nano-technology principles applied to education.
* Open Badges
* Principles of the Washington Accord:12 attributes expected of every graduate
* Moving from Andragogy to Heutagogy
* Learning to learn and becoming a life-long learner
* 21st Century Thinking Skills

Some links for further engagement/amusement. Repeating a few earlier tweets:
1: What is worth learning? Not that is in demand today. But what is not programmable tomorrow. View the video link here:

2: This is a must read for those interested of higher education. A spoof on curriculum development :

3: A must read for every educator struggling with regulators of curriculum:

4: The chicken and egg metaphor in the context of typist and the typewriter. A great read for productive procrastination:

5: The joke about the fire extinguisher factory being gutted is not a joke.
I had imagined that hundreds of Management Education Institutes closing down were an illustration of this joke. But it can be frightfully real:

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