The Long Tail

The Long Tail:
Chris Anderson in his book ‘ The Long Tail’ explained how in a digital world, there is virtually no limit on putting content on a given platform. So those looking for special resources that may not have mass appeal can be served as easily as those with large enrolments.
Some people have used the term SPOC or Short Personalised Online Courses, somewhat similar to what I call a nano-MOOC.

The programs in this list of long tail can come up for offering 2 ways. The topic was already developed and offered as a featured MOOC, but was taken off the list, since the number of featured MOOCs must be limited.
The second way is a demand from prospective learners for a topic. The long list here is a list of topics/themes on which I would be happy to have a conversation, have resources with me, but not them woven them together into an initial narrative and a dialogue.

MOOCs designed, developed and delivered by Prof.M.M.Pant have been classified only into 2 categories for listing as ‘ the long tail’ based on the nominal equivalent learning time.
In fact all these can be organised in face to face settings or ‘ Flipped Classroom’ mode. But for those who prefer a pure online mode, these are capable of being pursued entirely over the Internet.

Nano-learningTM MOOCs:

A Nano-learningTM MOOC is a short session comparable to the standard lecture which is 40 minutes at School level, 50 minutes at College/University level and often 90 minutes for guest speakers at Institutes of Management. It would comprise of one or two learning outcomes, materials to support learning and 2 to 3 audio/video files of about 10 to 15 minutes each by the author(s). It will also have links to a set of curated resources, and a quiz for self-assessment of learning acquired.

tail-nuMOOC 1: Enhance your natural brilliance
tail-nuMOOC 2: Education: the best investment
tail-nuMOOC 3: Learning Analytics
tail-nuMOOC 4: Envisioning the future: Futurology
tail-nuMOOC 5: Time Management
tail-nuMOOC 6: Financial Consciousness
tail-nuMOOC 7: 3D Printing
tail-nuMOOC 8: The Internet of Things
tail-nuMOOC 9: Living with Robots
tail-nuMOOC 10: Quantum Computing


A micro-MOOC is similar in design to a Nano-learning MOOC but equivalent to a 3 hour or half-day seminar/workshop. It may comprise of 4 to 6 sessions of 45 minutes to 30 minutes. It will have opportunities for both action and reflection. Learners could very conveniently transact this over about a week, or more intensely over a working day, or over a leisurely week-end.

tail-muMOOC 1: The MOOC Primer
tail-muMOOC 2: Twitter in Education
tail-muMOOC 3: Educational Podcasting
tail-muMOOC 4: All about Educational Apps
tail-muMOOC 5: Speaking Persuasively
tail-muMOOC 6: Living with Diabetes
tail-muMOOC 7: The Art of Story Telling
tail-muMOOC 8: The Pursuit of Happiness
tail-muMOOC 9: Ethics 101
tail-muMOOC 10: Criminal/Penal Law Essentials for 21st Century Professionals


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