Flipped MOOCs

The Flipped MOOC:
From the beginnings of this 2nd decade of the 21st Century, among the various innovative pedagogical models that were explored, it is the ‘ Flipped Teaching’ model that has seen significant success in transforming learners from passive reluctant to active enthusiastic learners. Our own experiments recently also validated this finding.
We are therefore proposing to make available to learners, learning resources as short learning objects in different formats of text, images, audio or video to engage with and attempt certain tasks to elucidate their understanding. They will then make comments and ask questions or raise doubts and the instructor in the synchronous session will essentially respond to these inputs.
And a recording of this session will become available as a resource to subsequent cohorts.

Academic Calendar: Comprises 6 Terms of 2 months (8 weeks) each.

Shishir/Winter January & February Monday 5th January 2015
Vasant/Spring March & April Monday 2nd March 2015
Grishma/Summer May& June Monday 4th May 2015
Varsha/Monsoon July & August Monday 6th July 2015
Sharad/Autumn September & October Monday 7th September 2015
Hemant/Pre-winter November & December Monday 2nd November 2015

To learn more about Flipped Teaching and get all the guidance to successfully deploy flipped teaching in the classroom, the micro-MOOC on the Flipped Classroom would be of help.


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