Featured MOOCs:

Priority 2015 MOOCs:

Priority 2015 nano-MOOCs (6)

* Awaken the Entrepreneur within
* Parenting for Pre-School Children
* The intelligent Person’s Guide to (avoiding) Stupidity
* PLM: Personal Learning Missions
* Improving Reading Skills
* Enhancing Writing Skills

Priority 2015 micro-MOOCs (6)

* The Flipped Classroom
* Overcoming Maths Phobia
* 21st Century Careers and Courses
* Second Innings: Learning Opportunities for the 40+
* 21st Century Parenting for first 5 years of School
* New Thinking for the New Millenium

Priority 2015 mini-MOOCs (3)

* Becoming an UberSmart Autonomous Self-directed learner
* Becoming a 21st Century Educator
* Story Telling for Leadership


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