Nano-Learning Objects

Nano-learning :

The standard time for a teaching intervention as a college course lecture or even a research seminar is about 60 minutes, sometimes with the last 10 minutes for questions. At School level, it is usually called a ‘period’ of learning and is 40 minutes. In some professional programs, especially with guest faculty being invited, they have 90 minutes as the session length.
Research has shown that it is not easy to have long attention spans and good speakers therefore ensure pauses, interactions and other breaks between their segments which are then implicitly shorter, but woven into a longer narrative.
Another way to go about is to actually design the learning as short interventions ( no longer than 10 minutes at a stretch), and have the learner create his own playlist if he wants to be at it for a longer duration of time. These short interventions are called nano-learning objects. I have further categorised them as :

A: The learning satchet : ~10 minutes
B: The learning capsule : ~5 minutes
C: The learning nugget : ~3 minutes
D: The learning moment : ~90 seconds
E: The Kipling run : ~1 minute

By way of some explanatory comments:
A ‘moment’ is commonly used to denote a short time spell, but has an ancient specific definition of 90 seconds.
The Kipling run is inspired by the last 2 lines of Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem ‘If’ that says ” if you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of distance run the whole earth is yours and all’s that in it and what is more you’ll be a man my son”. I like the idea of substituting ” sixty seconds worth of learning done”. Hence the phrase the Kipling run for this 60 seconds of learning.
The other words ” satchet, capsule and nuggets” are used to describe small quantities with a bit of literary license. No real scale implied here.

A variety of formats may be used in these nano-learning objects: a short piece of text, an audio recording, a stop motion animation video, a mashup, mind-map or other forms of infographic, screencasts…a quiz. It may look like anything but it will be captivating, short and sweet.

The list of nano-learning objects available now is listed below and this list will be updated from time to time. The price levels are planned at three slabs of Rs 500/- or US$ 10 for each learning satchet, Rs 250/- or US$ 5 for learning capsules and learning nuggets and Rs100/- or US$ 2 for each of the two other categories of nano-learning objects.

List of nano-learning Objects on offer:
A: Learning Satchets of about 10 minutes : ( priced at Rs 500/- or US$ 10 each)
A1. Why this is the best time to become an Educator?
A2. Why this is the best time to become an Entrepreneur?
A3. Why becoming an UberSmart learner is essential for success ?
List to be updated regularly.

B: Learning capsules of about 5 minutes : ( priced at Rs 250/- or US$ 5 each)
B1. The importance of reading effectively with comprehension.
B2. Speaking Persuasively.
B3. What is Computational Thinking?
List to be updated regularly.

C:Learning nuggets of about 3 minutes : ( priced at Rs 250/- or US$ 5 each)
C1. Who owns the future?
C2. Fifty-five words of inspiration
C3. Schooling for the 2nd half of life : fulfilling educational needs for the 40+
List to be updated regularly.

D:Learning moments of about 90 seconds : ( priced at Rs 100/- or US$ 2 each)
D1. The Soul of a good Education?
D2. A common fallacy: ergo hoc propter hoc
D3. What type of learner are you?
List to be updated regularly.

E: The Kipling run of about 1 minute: ( priced at Rs 100/- or US$ 2 each)
E1. Hindsight, insight and foresight?
E2. The stages of learning.
E3. A 5 point checklist for good writing
List to be updated regularly.

For each of the above nano-learning objects, the learners get an opportunity to ask one question by e-mail and are assured of a specific non-automated response within a reasonable time from Prof.M.M.Pant.
Those who have opted for learning nuggets or capsules get an opportunity to ask a follow up question to the answers they receive. And those registering for the learning satchets can in addition have ‘short’ synchronous one on one chat sessions at appointed time slots.


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